Sunday, November 18, 2012

Emoticons - Short Stories on Emotions

I will not put it up as a review but as a teaser. Together with 5 other talented people, I have compiled a collection of short stories on Human Emotions titled 'Emoticons - Short Stories on Emotions' (

Emotion 1 : Guilt - A guilt laden woman plans to get her husband on bed with a stranger. Does she succeed? This one could be called a shocker. Grey characters and relatable incidents are the key points of this story.

Emotion 2 : Sacrifice - A doting son asking his father to let go and die. An emotional story on the relationship of a father and son who sacrifice a lot just to help each other out in different phases of life. There is a complete circle of life depicted in the story in the life of the central charcater who goes from nurturing his son to being taken care of by him.

Emotion 3 : Dilemma - Catching your ex BF's wife cheating on him puts a woman in dilemma on whether to tell him or not. She has still not let go off the feelings for him completely. The story takes you through the emotional turmoil of the woman as she grapples with the strange situation through a night at the hotel.

Emotion 4 : Gratitude : A rich corporate czar lands in a country he long left and reads an article. He is taken back in time. He decides to make a journey back to his roots, to his teacher. There is still one lesson she has to give him after all these years and there is still that one gift that he had been waiting to give her all his life. If you love your teacher, this one is for you.

Emotion 5 : Thrill : Get into the mind of a kleptomaniac to find what really goes in his mind as he picks clothes from stores to get a high. How does he get into the habit and what does the thrill lead him upto forms the crux of this story.

Emotion 6 : Betrayal : A cute love story ends in a bitter break-up. But are the reasons behind the break-up true? Few years hence the ex-lovers meet again and the secret unveils. Another shocker that is in your face.

Emotion 7 : Anger : A super successful single woman is angry - with God, the society and the world in general. Even when the world tries to embrace her, she cuts herself off. What is the reason behind the bitterness and how does she deal with it? Read about a single woman's successful yet lonely jpurney through life.

Emotion 8 : Pity : Another father-son story that is diametrically different from the first one. Here is a father  thrusting his will on his son who puts up with it. The father wants to make him into a tough man and not the softie that he is. Does the son put up with the status quo? This one will remind you of Taare Zameen Par's title song.

Emotion 9 : Greed : Bollywood style rags to riches story of a boy who makes it big in the world of shady business. His greed and obsession with money makes him do things that you won't even imagine. This one will make you start looking at the boys selling books at traffic lights in a different light.

Emotion 10 : Envy : Professional envy is a common thing. What are the side effects of this envy? The story talks about a man's envy affecting his personal and professional lives. Does he get saved timely? There is always a reality of the other side that we miss and feel that the grass is greener on the other side. This one deals with that emotion.

The stories are all by first time writers which could be a plus as well as negative. The good thing is that there are 10 stories so the chances of you lapping up a couple is pretty high. There are no boy chasing girl stories with a dash of Chetan Bhagat humor. There is an attempt to be different yet entertaining. The books caters principally to the 20-35 age group and is available on Flipkart at the moment.

At around 200 pages and 130 bucks (with discount), the book shouldn't be a bad buy for people not averse to trying something new and fresh!

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