Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tough Times Driving Me Crazy

No, the title of the blog is not the english translation of some regular hindi film like "Mushkilon ne deewana kar diya", its pretty much my state in reality. Dealing with criticism for going insane and appearing gawdy in my photographs to philosophising on priorities in life, I hardly had the time to write any crap out here. Now that phase seems to have passed and I am finally having some breathing space. The feeling is same as the one I had when I came out of the theatre after watching Anant Balani's 'Ek Din 24 Ghante' - Don't you ever watch it!

Another thing thats been disturbing me for some time now is the Reservation bill that the Indian Government plans to table in the parliament after elections. 50% of the seats in premier educational institutions would go to the chaps who would qualify just because they were lucky enough to be born 'underprivileged' and 'oppressed' as per the Government's notions and calculations to strengthen their vote banks. The thought perturbed me so much that I even had a nightmare about it.

Set in a small shanty in some shabby looking chawl, Year: ~ 2035

Me: Pappu ki Maa, hamara pappu paas hoga?

Wife: Hamara Pappu bada honhaar hai. Zaroor IIT-JEE clear karega. Pichle saal 100 mile door wale sheher ke Sharma ji ke ladke ne bhi to clear kiya tha. Hamara bachcha usse kis maamle mein kam hai.

Me: Lekin bhaagyawaan is baar 5000 seat mein sirf 50 general category walon ke liye hain. Is baar kuch nahi hua to hamara budhapa kaise katega? Meri naukri bhi to quota walon ko de di gayi hai.

It was unbearable. Thankfully the alarm set off and I woke up. But seriously speaking, this menace must be fought against. Its heartening to see the students and alumni of IIT/IIMs uniting together in this cause( and the corporate world registering its displeasure over the issue as well. How can they substitute caste considerations for merit and think of making India the next superpower? It remains to be seen whether these guys can keep the tempo up. Issues like these need media attention, like in the Jessica Murder Case, for people's participation which I think they are not concentrating on. I just hope it doesn't fizzle out!

Now enough of pointing my guns at the GOI. It might misfire so let me reconcile and give them a new avenue to explore. With Sharad Pawar heading the BCCI, my suggestion would be to reserve 50% places in the Indian Cricket team based on quota. Kick out the Dhonis and the Tendulkars and give the oppressed a chance. For 60 years we have denied them that and lets play against teams with like minded Governments in place - How about Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe?

The weekend was another damp squib. It rained the whole weekend. I still managed to get my lazy self out of the bed to get some parathas and milk to last the next week. Oh I miss home so much when I have to go out to shop for grocery or laundry here. I even watched "Humko Deewana Kar Gaye" - Again, translated in english it means "You drove me crazy". Yeah, thats what the film did to me. Shot in the beautiful locales of Canada, the film hardly had anything to offer besides Katrina and Canada. I loved a particular scene though. It involved Akshay Kumar's sardaar friend and his wife. Here's how it went:

Akshay meets his frind Guggi after a long time. After he comes to know that he is married, Akshay bitches about Guggi's wife. Guggi believes Akshay and goes to a NFL stadium full of hot cheerleaders and people to find some solace. Guggi's wife confronts Akshay and then Akshay realises his folly. Guggi's wife appears on the giant screen in the stadium pleading - "Sardarji come back...thwaddi Pammi sook ke kaanta hui ja rahi hai". Guggi does not relent. Then Akshay Kumar appears, delivers a sermon on love, faith, belief and Katrina becomes his disciple. With Guggi still not willing to appear, Akshay delivers the master stroke. He asks the camera to focus on Guggi's photo in the passport and bang. Everyone in teh gallery literally pushes Guggi out of his seat. Guggi runs amidst the people to hug his wife and they live happily ever after. All this was added in the film just to make Katrina's character start falling in love with Akshay's character and it was a damn serious and emotional scene. I just loved it. It surpassed the finesse of David Dhawan in Mujhse Shaadi Kaorge's climax.

Hope to back soon next time.

WARNING: Orkut is an addiction. Try it at your own risk!

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